Saturday, January 24, 2009

When I chaffered with my friend, the topic went to Sathyam scandal. Obviously now, that is the hot topic and we can easily forget this after few days (or) once we get the next hot topic (Ramalinga raju will come out from jail and enjoy his rest of life with huge looted amount!!!)

My friend distressed and need loans to improve his business. Most of the time he surprised and expressed his unhappiness with the word “Ellam Kali kalam” and “Kali muthivittathu”

Do you know really what it means?

Hinduism explains the time calculation in relative terms to the life time of ‘Lord Brahma’ – the birth God!

His ‘Life time’ is defined as – 100 ‘Brahma’ years with 360 days per year – equivalent to 432 crore ‘earth’ years; His ‘night’ also constitutes of such 432 crore ‘earth’ years;

The end of a ‘DAY’ of brahma, is the universe’s end (the d-day!). Then ‘Lord Brahma’ sleeps for his ‘night’ time (another 432 crore years!). When his next DAY starts, the universe again starts a new cycle of life and evolves for the next 432 crore years!

Every ‘day’ of Brahma is split into 14 parts – each called as a ‘Manvanthra’. There is a head for every ‘Manvanthra’ called ‘The Manu’. The current time frame comes under the ‘Seventh Manu’ named ‘Vaivasvatha’.

Every Manvanthra constitutes of 71 Maha Yugas; 4 yugas constitute one Maha-yuga. The following are the yuga calculations;

Krutha yuga - 17,28,000 Years
Thretha Yuga - 12,96,000 Years
Dwapara Yuga - 8,64,000 Years
Kali Yuga - 4,32,000 Years

A above total of 43,20,000 years constitute a ‘Maha-yuga’.

Each Manvanthra has 71 Maha Yugas; and there are 14 Manvanthras; So 14 X 71 = 994 Maha-Yugas; 6 Maha-yugas are given for the transition period of every Manvanthra to the next; so: 994 Maha-Yugas + 6 Maha-yuga makes to 1000 Maha-Yugas. This is called a ‘Kalpa’ and constitutes Bhrahma’s One DAY. Currently we are in ‘Swetha varaha kalpa’.

To understand better, if we start from the lowest denomination:

1 Maha-Yuga = 43,20,000 Years;
One Manu’s period (Manvanthra) consists 71 Maha-Yugas: 71 X 43,20,000 = 30,67,20,000 Years
There are 14 Manvanthras: 14 X 30,67,20,000 = 429,40,80,000 Years;
6 Maha-Yugas for Manvanthra’s transition:6 X 43,20,000 = 2,59,20,000 Years;
Add the above for 14 Manu’s period: 429,40,80,000 + 2,59,20,000 = 432,00,00,000 (432 crore) Years; which equivalent to BRAHMA’S ONE DAY!

Apart from these calculations, our need is really we are in the end of Kali yuga? When the “Kali yuga” started?

As per these calculations, "Kali Yuga" began at midnight (00:00) on18 February
3102 BCE. We are now the year of 2009. Approximately “Kali yuga” began 1093 years BC. The cycle of “Kali yuga” is 4,32,000 years. so, we just entered to “Kali yuga” ( 4,32,000 – 3102 = 428898 years remaining )

So, don’t worry. Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Thank you my dear friend, you keeps lot of concealed information each your words! Just am digging this.


muthulakshmi said...

Mr.Harish ur blogs were too good. If we've jus entered Kaliyuga, then its very sad, even now the attrocities are unbearable, how it would be at the end of Kaliyuga. God save my country and earth.

Harish said...

Thanks for your comments. keep reading and share your views.
படித்த, படிக்கும் நல்ல விஷயங்களை பகிர முயற்சிக்கிறேன். நீங்களும் எழுதுங்கள்

Many thanks,

pasuG said...

what about end of world in dec 12, 2012? that is 12/12/12? as per Maya calendar? pls refer my blog at
i think, at any rate the end for earth is very near.